To The Window, To The Wall

November 19, 2014
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After posting a photo of me and Aaron on our couch in our new place I had so many questions on how I made this gallery wall and where I got all of the pieces for it. In all honesty, this is one of, if not, the easiest DIY for decorating, AND I did this whole wall for under $150.



1. Picture Frames. I used 14 picture frames, all of the same color schemes (silver, black, white). You can use more or less if you would like, they can all be the same picture frame, or you can mix and match like I did. All of the frames I used are an 8×10 with the exception of these Clip Board Frames from Crate & Barrel which are 11×14. The 8×10 silver and black frames I purchased from Target and the cream frames are from Michaels. (Keep an eye out for deals at both of these places! They have tons of frames. I got the frames from Target for about $4 each on sale.)

2. Focal Piece. I used this cute Monogram Marquee light that was a lucky find at Home Goods. If you can’t find one at your local Home Goods, there is a similar one here, but it is definitely more pricey than the $60 one I found. If you have a hard time finding a marquee light similar to mine, you can use a larger picture frame or any other large piece as a focal point.

3. Command Damage-Free Hanging Large Picture Hanging Strips. These picture hanging strips are the best. They don’t do any damage to your wall and are easily removable. They are also easy to reposition if you make a mistake and your frame is crooked.

4. Pictures, artwork, typography, etc.




1. Pick a theme.

Pick photos, artwork, typography, etc, with a similar theme. This sets the whole mood of the wall. I went with all black and white photos and typography for my gallery wall. Print out all of the photos, artwork, typography, etc. I did these myself on my Canon printer.

2. Put artwork in frames and remove the back if they have the stand on it. This helps the frames lay flat against the wall.

3. Lay out your frames.

Set your frames out in the shape or order you want. I did this on the carpet so I could see what I wanted to move around before I set it up on the wall. When setting the shape of your gallery wall, remember to keep it symmetrical. (ex: vertical photo, horizontal, horizontal on one side, do the same on the other side.) After I determined the placement of the frames on the floor, I took a phone picture so I could remember the placement when I secured them to the wall.

IMG_2231 tutorial

Start with your focal point piece in the center. Work from the inside out. I have numbered the order that I placed the items. Make sure that each side is symmetrically balanced.

4. After your gallery wall is set out, place the photo hanging strips on the corners of your frames and place the picture frames on the wall in the same order you set them out on the ground. Press the frames on firmly so they will grip to the wall. (Don’t press the frame too hard or it may break the glass, I did that a couple times. Oops.)

And thats all folks. Easy as pie. If you create your own wall, show it off on instagram and tag me in it! (@makenna_alyse) I would love to see the end product!

Happy crafting!




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  • Reply Jessica Dubois February 26, 2015 at 9:08 am

    Dying to know how big you marquee letter is! I’m on the hunt and yours seems like the perfect size! Thanks so much :)

  • Reply Elana June 4, 2015 at 1:44 pm

    I saw your insta photo of this wall (obsessed) but never checked out the post! Loved it — so gorgeous & this post was really informative, love! I have a big gallery wall in our master & in our hallway — now you’ve inspired me to find another wall & get busy!

    • Reply June 19, 2015 at 9:44 am

      Elana, you are literally one of the sweetest people I have ever encountered. Thanks for you sweet comments all the time. xoxo

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