The 3 Must Have Shirts For Spring

March 10, 2016


Happy Thursday everyone! Today is a very exciting day for a few reasons.

  1. (In case you missed it) I’m going to be styling the shirts featured above on Studio 5 News on KSL! Couldn’t be more excited.
  2. I’m getting ready for a girls/work trip to California for the weekend with my mum and sissy’s!
  3. We are picking up our first puppy. You’ll have to keep an eye out on my Instagram to see what kind of pup we get and what her name is because it’s a surprise, but we are so excited!

Back to Studio 5 News, I was asked to pick and style the top 3 must have shirts for Spring. If you know me, you know I LOVE following fashion week in Paris, New York, and London to stay updated on what’s really in style for the season and what some of the major trends are. If you’re like me and you like to follow along with this kind of stuff and you also have a small obsession with what all the super models and most popular fashion bloggers are wearing, you’ll agree that these 3 tops are the most popular, must have trends of the season.

SO, let’s break it down.

Our First Must Have Trend: The Front Tie Blouse. This is a great trend for spring that I’ve been seeing all over the runways this season. The trick to rocking this shirt and finding the fit/style that works for you is to pick very lightweight, flowy fabric. Another thing to look for that makes this shirt perfect for Spring is finding it in a light color. Pick a pastel, neutral color or a very subtle print. Remember that oversized is in style right now so the blousier the better, as long as it is paired with a fitted bottom!

Our Second Must Have Trend: The Classic Black and White Striped Tee. This is one of those trends that will never go out of style. A big trend to follow right now is the 70’s/Parisian Inspired style. I’ve been seeing this a lot lately from the street styles of Paris, London, and New York. As I said before, the striped shirt is a classic, but if it isn’t styled correctly, it can look very plain. To keep this style updated with the trends, pair it with black and white bandana neck tie and some fitted black flare jeans.

Our Third Must Have Trend: The Lace Up Front Blouse. As always, the white button up shirt is a classic and will always be in style. It is a staple item every women should have in her closet, but this must have shirt is one of my personal favorites because it takes this classic essential item and puts a new modern twist on it by replacing buttons with a lace up detail. This is an effortless look perfect for Spring when paired with some distressed boyfriend jeans and a light colored neck tie.

If you saw the news segment and have any questions on how to find the must have shirt for you or any questions on the other items used to style these items, feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for tuning in! Have a great week.



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