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February 11, 2016
Switzerland | Makenna Alyse


DAY 1:

Switzerland | Makenna Alyse Switzerland | Makenna Alyse Switzerland | Makenna Alyse Switzerland | Makenna AlyseSwitzerland | Makenna Alyse

DAY 2:

Switzerland | Makenna AlyseSwitzerland | Makenna AlyseSwitzerland | Makenna AlyseSwitzerland | Makenna AlyseSwitzerland | Makenna Alyse

DAY 3:


Switzerland | Makenna AlyseSwitzerland | Makenna AlyseSwitzerland | Makenna AlyseSwitzerland | Makenna Alyse


Switzerland | Makenna Alyse


DAY 1: We started our first Day in Switzerland by driving from Lake Como,Italy to Bellinzona Castle in Switzerland. This is one of the first big castles we got to visit. When we visited, all the rooms were closed for the winter, but all the grounds were open and empty so we basically got the whole place to ourselves. It was so beautiful! Definitely worth stopping at if you are driving from Italy into Switzerland. From there we drove to Lucerne. The drive was incredible. We drove through beautiful snowy mountains and tunnels. That was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. The drive is unreal. Aaron totally surprised me when we drove into Lucerne. We drove past a big beautiful building on top of the hill and Aaron acted like he couldn’t find our hotel. We drove up the hill and parked in front of the big beautiful building and Aaron told us that it was actually our hotel! It was the most beautiful hotel. I felt like I had stepped into Grand Budapest hotel or something. The inside was just decked out in gold and blue furniture with vintage floral wallpaper. The hotel is called Chateau Gutsch and I would highly recommend staying there if you’re staying in Lucerne. Our room had an incredible view of Old Town Lucerne and was fairly close to everything. After we settled into our hotel, we walked around Lucerne at night and visited some of the landmarks like Kapellbrucke (it has a pretty cool history so look it up before you go!) and the Lion Monument.

DAY 2: Our second day was spent in Lucerne. This was one of my favorite places. The whole city feels like a movie set for a Wes Anderson film. It was so incredibly charming with it’s old colorful buildings. It’s very clean and safe. Switzerland was definitely my favorite country. It was beautiful and the people were so friendly. While in Lucerne, we visited all the landmarks during the day, did some shopping, and then decided to get a nice sit down dinner. We ate at an Italian restaurant called La Cucina and it was so good that I still dream about it. The inside of the restaurant is a beautiful romantic vibe and the food was so incredible. It is pricey, but if you’re wanting to have a nice night out, it is totally worth it! We started with the tuna as an appetizer and it was so incredible. I wouldn’t normally pick this but it was super tasty. For the main course I ordered a homemade lemon ravioli which was literally the best meal I have ever had, and Aaron ordered a linguini pasta with black truffles which was also super tasty. Both are highly recommended and if we go back to Switzerland we will definitely be going back here! For desert we decided to get some ice cream. Movenpick was a place recommended by one of Aaron’s friends who served in Switzerland and it was amazing. The workers were so friendly and we had great service there. I ordered the Swiss Chocolate ice cream and it was so amazing. I always go for the chocolate flavored ice creams so it was perfect. Aaron always goes for more fruity Ice Cream and he got the mango which was also really good!

DAY 3: The next day we decided to take off to the mountains. We stopped in Grindelwald first and it was everything I had imagined Switzerland to be. There were so many cute small cottages around the lake and beautiful green rolling hills. While in Grindelwald we drove up through a small mountain city and it was amazing. The mountains were massive and covered in snow and glaciers and waterfalls and everyone in the town was in snow gear getting ready to ski. In a small way, it reminded me of Park City but better. From Grindelwald we drove to Lugano, and Interlaken where we stopped to walk around and take some photos and then we decided to drive to Bern which is the capital of Switzerland. This was a really cool city with great shopping and a lot of history. Full of cobblestone roads, pretty parks and charming old buildings. I’m really glad we made a stop here! After we drove around Switzerland we headed back to our hotel. The next morning we drove back to Paris where we returned our car, hopped on a train, and headed back to London where we took of for the States the next morning.

As I said earlier, Switzerland was my favorite country we visited. It is beautiful and so incredibly charming. Driving around Switzerland was amazing and a great way to see more than just the city, so we got a feel for the beautiful Swiss Alps and the historic charming cities.

Here’s a bit about how we did our Europe trip:

We flew from LAX to Heathrow Airport in London where we spent 5 days. From London, we took a train to Paris where we spent a day where we then rented a car to start our road trip through Europe! From Paris we drove to Geneva, Switzerland where we made a quick stop to look around. We only spent a couple hours there and then we drove to Milan, Italy where we stayed the night. The next morning we woke up to explore the Duomo and other landmarks and then we took off to Venice! We parked our car on the other side of the island and then stayed there for a full 24 hours and then we hit Verona for a few hours! While in Verona we visited a colosseum and walked around and then drove to Lake Como for the night. We spent a night and a morning in Como and then drove to Switzerland! After spending a few days in Switzerland we drove the rental car back to Paris, got on a train from Paris back to London and then got on a plane from London to America the next day. We spent 2 weeks in Europe and I wouldn’t have done things any other way than the way we had done our trip. If you’re taking a trip to Europe for a short amount of time but want to see a lot, this is a great way to do it.

I hope you are all having a great week! I know this has nothing to do with this post, but I just wanted to thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes yesterday! It was a great day and I felt so loved. I’m looking forward to another great year! Thanks again. Have a great rest of your week!



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