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August 15, 2015
Sun Models | Makenna Alyse

Sun Models | Makenna AlyseSun Models | Makenna AlyseSun Models | Makenna AlyseSun Models | Makenna AlyseSun Models | Makenna AlyseSun Models | Makenna Alyse



SWIMSUIT: c/o Little Mistress// HAT: c/o Lovely Luciano// BOYFRIEND JEANS: Asos


I love that one piece swim suits have become so trendy againΒ and this one from Little Mistress is so perfect. It’s sexy, comfortable, and the print is so pretty! I love that the front is a deep v and the back is totally open. This makes it different than a lot of swimsuits I’ve seen recently.

I can’t believe how quick this summer has gone by. I feel like I say that every summer, but this one has gone especially quick. Actually, this whole year has gone by so fast. It’s so hard to believe that over a year ago Aaron proposed to me! This has been a great summer. Me and my new photographer (@jordy_bug on insta, check her out! she’s the cutest human ever) took these pictures earlier this week and had so much fun running around in a rain storm chasing the sunshine barefoot in our swim suits. That’s what summer is all about. Those spontaneous fun moments are what makes summer so memorable. That and good music that always reminds you of summer. I love that.

I’ve put together a playlist of some of my favorite songs I’ve been listening to all summer that you can listen to here. I like to play them in the morning when I wake up to get me in a good mood and basically play them 24/7 because I don’t do anything without music. (If you think I’m lying, ask anyone I’m close with, I won’t start my car or take a shower or basically anything until I have music playing. haha) I’m always on the hunt for good new tunes so if you guys have any songs I should be adding to my playlist, send them my way!

I hope you guys have a great weekend! Aaron got in another bike accident and has MAJOR road burn (luckily nothing is broken and no bones are sticking out of his hands this time) so we’ll most likely be spending our weekend in bed.



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    You look super cute! πŸ˜€ What camera do you use?

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