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Fleurs En Fleurs

May 6, 2015
Fleurs En Fleurs - Makenna Alyse

Fleurs En Fleurs - Makenna AlyseFleurs En Fleurs - Makenna AlyseFleurs En Fleurs - Makenna AlyseFleurs En Fleurs - Makenna AlyseFleurs En Fleurs - Makenna AlyseFleurs En Fleurs - Makenna AlyseFleurs En Fleurs - Makenna Alyse


Right before this shoot for Lulu*s, there was the prettiest rain storm. After it stopped raining, the sun came out and made everything so pretty. I love the rain. It makes everything so green and I love the smell. I’m obsessed with fresh flowers and basically squealed like a baby when I saw this beautiful blooming hydrangea bush in my parents neighborhood and insisted on shooting there.

So to be honest, I’ve never been the biggest fan of floral print. I rarely have anything floral in my closet, but when I saw this two piece dress from Lulu*s, I needed to have it. This dress is super breezy and I have loved having the skirt as a piece in my wardrobe. I loved that it was a two piece set because you can dress it up a million ways. I’ve worn the skirt to this dress quite a bit since getting it and have not failed to get a compliment on it every time I wear it! It’s an asymmetrical shape and the big floral print makes it look more modern and cool rather than super girly. (You might have seen this styled as a skirt in Aaron’s instagram post of us at General Conference found here.) Long flowing skirts and dresses are huge for summer and spring (some of my favorite ways to wear them are here, here, here and here)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Halfway through the week. We can do this.



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  • Reply Elana May 11, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    You STUNNER! I’m obsessed with these photos, this post & this look! LOVE!

  • Reply shawni May 13, 2015 at 5:01 pm

    You are so gorgeous!! Such an inspiration to me :) I always love all your outfits!!

    Also who took these photos?! They are so beautiful! Should be in a magazine!

    • Reply June 19, 2015 at 9:47 am

      Wow thank you so much! You are so kind. These were shot with a Canon 5d Mark ii and a 50mm lens.

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