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Concrete Jungle

December 8, 2015
Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse

Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse


TAN SUEDE JACKET: Forever 21// CAMEL SWEATER: Express// RIPPED BLACK DENIM: c/o James Jeans// NECKTIE: Free People// BOOTS: c/o



Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse Concrete Jungle | Makenna AlyseConcrete Jungle | Makenna AlyseConcrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse
Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse
Concrete Jungle | Makenna AlyseDETAILS:

TAN TURTLENECK: Madewell// SWEATER VEST: Madewell// DENIM: Madewell// CAMEL COAT: Madewell// SNAKESKIN BOOTS: Lulu*s, also available here



Concrete Jungle | Makenna AlyseConcrete Jungle | Makenna AlyseConcrete Jungle | Makenna AlyseConcrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse

City that dreams are made of. Dreams like pretzels as big as your head.

City that dreams are made of. Dreams like pretzels as big as your head.


TAN TURTLENECK: Madewell// CAMEL COAT: Madewell// RIPPED BOYFRIEND JEANS: old, similar here// SNAKESKIN BOOTS: c/o Lulu*s, also available here// GLASSES: c/o Eyebuy Direct

Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse Concrete Jungle | Makenna Alyse


COAT: Nordstrom, old// DENIM: Madewell// NECKTIE: Free People// BOOTS: c/o

AARON’S COAT: c/o True Gentleman Co.

Oh my gosh! Where has this year gone? I can’t even believe it’s already over. Last month flew by. I was incredibly busy with travels which was so fun but so crazy. I started the month off with a week in Portland with Albion Fit, then a week in New York with my husband and mother in law, and finally a week in Arizona with my in-laws for Thanksgiving! It was a fun filled month busy with travels but our week in New York was by far my favorite.

We stayed in the Conrad Hotel in the Financial District and it was incredible! It’s located about 15 min. from TriBeCa, 5 min from One World Trade, and a quick walk from the Brooklyn Bridge. Technically Aaron was there for work so I didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time with him, but luckily Aaron’s mom came out to hang out with me for a few days!

It had been about a year since I had been back to New York so I was really excited to get to spend some more time in my favorite city. It was so beautiful. We went mid November and the weather was incredible. It really was a perfect fall week in the city! This was my second visit to New York so I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a cultured city girl quite yet, but we did get to spend the week doing a lot of non-touristy things that not everyone knows about when visiting the city so I decided to put together a list of my favorite things we did, places we visited or ate, and tips on what not to do while in the city! Here we go.

Because we were staying so close to TriBeCa and Aaron’s mum was staying there we spent quite a bit of time there. We ate at some really cute restaurants while strolling around. TriBeCa is a super cute hip area that has been growing quite rapidly. Lot’s of celebrities like Taylor Swift, Karlie Kloss, and Mary Kate and Ashley have been known to own places there so you get the idea. 😉 Here’s my list of what to eat in TriBeCa!


Juice Press – If you are looking for a quick healthy breakfast this is your place. Locted on Greenwich street, it’s a super cute small right on the block. I picked up a couple different juices here and they are all so so good. They have loads of juices to fit any taste, from sweet smoothies to antioxidant filled green juices. They also do custom smoothies to whatever you are liking!

Edwards – Okay, this place was good, real good. Maybe because we had eaten nothing all day and were totally starving, but everything we had ordered was so tasty and super fresh. I ordered their Meatball Wheat Wrap special and some fries that they had going on that day but I had also heard this is a great place for brunch! It’s a small quaint restaurant located in the middle of TriBeCa and was definitely one of my favorite places we had eaten. Plus the staff is super friendly!

Da Mikele – If you are looking for a good Italian restaurant near by, this is the place. The interior of this place is so cute and their menu is just as good. Even just ordering their appetizers like the meatballs and their appetizer square pizza will fill you up. The waiter we had was Italian and gave us some honest suggestions on what to get so the experience there is awesome. And it’s located in a cute location right across from a super cool ballerina mural! Get a window seat.

Places we wanted to try but didn’t get a chance to: I heard great things about the Odeon and Tiny’s but didn’t have a chance to stop by, so if you have an extra second in TriBeCa give these a try and let me know how they are!

Financial District:

Parm – Great homestyle Italian food. Literally everything we ordered here was great. It really feels like you’re eating dinner with a friend’s family!

Wei West – Good sushi and Japanese food. Order a bunch of rolls and eat it family style!

Le District – The cutest Parisian market in the Brookfield Place mall. Order a crepe!


LITERALLY ANY WHERE. Also, you must check out Chelsea Market and pretty much any restaurant in there is great.


Hundred Acres – Such a cute place near SoHo. I ordered the burger and it was amazing. It’s big enough to share!


Grimaldi’s –  Okay this is a must. It’s a New York staple. AMAZING pizza located under the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s super busy so plan ahead, also they only take cash. There is nothing better than their white pizza. Grab it to go and eat it on the Pier looking at the city! It’s so amazing.


Murray’s – It’s the best. They put on enough cream cheese to last a lifetime but it’s amazing. Also, their sandwiches are pretty amazing too. Super filling!


Levain Bakery – This is a must. Cookies bigger than hockey pucks? I’m in.

Max Brenners – If you love chocolate anything, this is the place.

Some tips and tricks:

Skip the taxi’s. If you’ve never been to New York before, you have to do it at least once. But if you want to feel like a local, get a MetroCard for the week and take the subway or walk. Tips for not getting lost? Download the Google Maps app. It’s best for walking. To avoid getting lost on the Subway? Download the Embark NYC app! It gives you directions on your walking distance to the nearest station and tells you exactly which train to get on for how many stops.

Only do Times Square once. Yeah it’s a staple, and honestly, it’s pretty amazing that it’s a real place. BUT, it’s so busy and full of tourists. If you want to get the real essence of life in New York, avoid Times Square like the plague. But take a quick late night walk to it at least once. 😉

Skip the Empire State Building, do the Rockafeller Center instead. The first time we went to New York we went straight to Empire State. We waited for HOURS in line and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed at the view. It was quite small and crowded. We went to Rockafeller a few days later and it was much better. Quick lines, better view, and all together much better!

Skip the Upper East side. Check out the Upper West side or Chelsea instead! Sure it’s the mecca for Gossip Girl fans, so obviously take a stop at the MET and eat some Laudree macarons on the step, but take a walk on the Upper West Side or Chelsea. It’s a charming, much more young hip area filled with cute new restaurants and shops.

Take the south east entrance to Central Park. You get the best views of the skyline, the ponds in the park, and cute park performers playing jazz music. Plus you’ll get a nice walk right by the Plaza and you’re near 5 ave!

If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a charge for your phone, some free wifi, or a bathroom, it’s a good thing there’s a Starbucks on every corner. But be careful! You’ll find a few that make you buy something before you can use their restroom.

Spend an afternoon in Washington Square Park. Near the NYU campus, it’s full of young creative college students playing music or making art, or even performing acting skits. Plus the park in itself is just amazing.

Biggest piece of advice? Yeah looking cute is good and all, but WEAR FLAT SHOES. haha I learned this the hard way the first time we visited New York but quickly you realize locals have a thing for flat ankle boots and Adidas. 😉

I hope you all have a great week and hopefully get to visit New York sometime in the near future. It’s only been a couple weeks since we left and I already miss it.



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