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January 30, 2015
BE - Makenna Alyse

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DON’T WORRY BEYONCE SWEATSHIRT C/O Lulu*s// WAX COATED PANTS// RED PUMPS: Jessica Simpson (similar here and here)// BLACK AND GREEN NECKLACE: Old (similar here)// NARS Heat Wave Lipstick

Before Aaron and I were married, we were given a bunch of advise on marriage. Most everyone agreed that the first few months of marriage are a big adjustment. That has been no exception for us. We have the daily more trivial things, like who sleeps on what side of the bed. Aaron is always hot and I’m always cold. What percent of milk to buy. What brand of toothpaste. I love the smell of fabric softener on my clothes and he hates the smell of softener on his. What tv shows we watch. Who is cooking what. My schedule is so crazy, that Aaron has nicknamed me the “dropper” because I drop things, pick up another thing and then run out the door. One day he sent me a text saying “Did a bomb go off? What happened to our house?” :)  Realizing that I was like a tornado, all I could reply was, “I was trying to pick out an outfit.” :) Little would I know that these things were very trivial to the events of our almost comical first three months of marriage.

Within the first month of marriage, Aaron totaled his car. After a couple weeks of hunting and getting everything settled with the insurance company, we managed to find another car. Almost a month after purchasing that car, Aaron got in another fender bender. Teasing him of his unfortunate luck, karma struck me and I was rear ended at full speed coming home from work. The driver gave the officer an insurance card that we later found out was not valid and so her insurance will not cover the damage.

In the middle of all of this, Aaron graduated from BYU and we were dealing with the stress of job interviews. I started developing a CRAZY rash that was all over my face. I was hesitant to take on any jobs or shoots because I was so self-conscious of my skin and it itched so bad that I wanted to rip my face off.  My other job as a Utah Jazz Dancer, doesn’t allow me the luxury to hide my face. I dance in front of thousands of people and the jumbro trons show EVERYTHING. After trying every cream, oil and voodoo magic(not really but I tried it all)to clear up the rash, I found out that it was a reaction to a prescription I was taking! UGH!

My comfort was spending time with Aaron in our cute new apartment, however our water heater would constantly go out in the dead of winter. We quickly became buds with the maintenance guy because having to take ice cold showers wasn’t exactly pleasant. From the time we moved in we had a less than pleasant neighbor living below us that would constantly pound on the ceiling any time we moved.  Aaron was trying to be civil and resolve the problem and the neighbor went Rambo and pulled a knife on him.

With all of the months events accumulating,  sitting in my smashed-in car, I let the tears come. I called Aaron and called my mom and just let it all go. I watched my car being towed away and realized I had a couple of choices. I could worry and stress about everything that seemed to be going wrong, and let my attitude affect my happiness and even the way I treated others, or I could chose to laugh through the tears and be happy and grateful for the life I have. Since that day, I have made to the choice to just “Be.” Be happy. Be confident. Be grateful, and on the REALLY tough days, it doesn’t hurt to throw on some red heels and lipstick and my favorite sweatshirt and strut the streets of SLC and just Be Yonce.

In all seriousness, I want to thank everyone for the love and support and laughter these past few months. It means so much to me and Aaron. Your kindness will never go unnoticed.

With that being said, TGIF!!!





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  • Reply shawna January 30, 2015 at 5:10 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about your bad luck lately!! But you are so right, we forget how lucky we really are sometimes. Especially when it seems like everything is going wrong! Great post :)

    Love your blog xo

  • Reply Taylor Seely January 31, 2015 at 8:38 am

    I absolutely love this! So true

  • Reply Loriel Christensen February 9, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Oh heavens this reminded me of our first months of marriage. Mostly our honeymoon. In the Dominican Republic, I somehow lost the keys to our rental car 20 minutes before we were supposed to go to the airport to go home. We had to book new flights, a new hotel for that night, and pay for the missing keys, and a new rental car (totaling over 1200) we then found the keys about 10 minutes after we payed for it all :'( the extra day we spent there, my husband got food poisoning. On our flight home, our plane got delayed and we missed our connecting flight, and got stranded in Pittsburg. There was a storm in the city so they canceled all outgoing flights and every single hotel was booked, so we slept on the airport floor :) we arrived home 3 hours before our 2nd wedding reception was supposed to start, and the airline had lost my luggage, (which had my makeup in it). So I sat on the airport floor and cried as I tried to take my weave out of my hair since it had been fried from the ocean…. Hahaha we can laugh about it now cause its been 3 years, but oh man, I swear Satan tries to rock the first few months of marriage just to test the strength of your love. Hang in there!!

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